Arrive Alive Driving School's goal is to provide students with the skills and decision-making tools they will need to be effective and safe drivers. We work to increase our students' level of awareness and teach them strategies to properly manage time, space, and visibility on a variety of road settings. It is by maximizing their control of a vehicle that the new driver will lessen the risks involved in operating a vehicle.

We are confident that Arrive Alive Driving School will aid both an individual student in becoming a safe and effective driver while also benefiting the community by facilitating safer roads in our community.

Our courses use the Vermont Department of Education Traffic Safety Curriculum for both the classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction. Instructors are licensed with the Vermont Department of Education and the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles and are very experienced working with new drivers of all ages.

Arrive Alive Driving School is both fully insured and licensed by the state of Vermont.