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Arrive Alive Driving School's goal is to provide students with the skills and decision-making tools they will need to be effective and safe drivers. We work to increase our students' level of awareness and teach them strategies to properly manage time, space, and visibility on a variety of road settings. It is by maximizing their control of a vehicle that the new driver will lessen the risks involved in operating a vehicle.

We are confident that Arrive Alive Driving School will aid both an individual student in becoming a safe and effective driver while also benefiting the community by facilitating safer roads in our community.

Our courses use the Vermont Department of Education Traffic Safety Curriculum for both the classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction. Instructors are licensed with the Vermont Department of Education and the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles and are very experienced working with new drivers of all ages.

Arrive Alive Driving School is both fully insured and licensed by the state of Vermont.


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Summer Courses

Teen Programs

Course Description/Requirements:
This course is for teenagers or young adults who have a current Vermont learner's permit and want to obtain a driver's license. This course places special emphasis on crash avoidance, situational awareness, and zone control. It includes an academic component and a driving skills component. Our State-Approved Drivers Education course consists of 36 hours of engaging and informative classroom instruction, 6 hours of focused behind-the-wheel training, and 6 hours of observation.

Upon successful course completion, students will be issued a state certificate stating that they have completed a basic driver education course approved by the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles.

Adult Programs

Course Description/Requirements:
This course is restricted to adults 18 years old or older that have a Vermont learner's permit and want to obtain a Vermont driver's license. We have years of experience teaching and our Instructors teach adults with the same beliefs and enthusiasm, as our teens. We have taught adults from 18 years to 83 years old from 11 countries!

There is no class/course for Adults, instead we offer individual driving experiences tailored to meet the needs of the individual.

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Arrive Alive Driving School was founded in 2003 by Rodney Morris with the goal of establishing a higher level for driver education in Addison County. With dedication and compassion, Arrive Alive Driving School set a new standard for other schools in the area.

Cathy Clarke had extensive teaching experiences in China, Europe and Addison County before joining Arrive Alive Driving School in 2007. Arrive Alive is an active member of the community, supporting students and local businesses in Addison County. Our on-going support of high school newspapers, sports teams, yearbooks and Project Graduation post-prom parties has helped our youth stay competitive and safe.

At Arrive Alive, we are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive instruction available, combined with an unmatched level of personalized attention. By utilizing the most up-to-date textbooks and videos, we guarantee each student receives the information necessary to become a safe driver. Students are instructed in the correct mechanical aspects of operating a motor vehicle, and are made aware of the responsibilities they assume when they obtain a drivers license.

In our classes we explore such topics as the effects of emotions, attitudes and peer pressure on driving. We also address legal and financial concerns, as well as the deadly effects of alcohol and other drugs on motorists.

We look forward to working with you. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a lesson.